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sb01To be the leading institution, nationally and regionally, that integrates quality teacher, technical and vocational education for empowerment. read more...


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sb03The Faculty of Teacher education at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic was established in 1981 as Gwanda Zintec College to train temporary teachers who had passed “O” level on the Zimbabwe Integrated National Teachers Education Course (ZINTEC) more...


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Welcome to Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic

On this website, you get to be part of the journey with us towards excellence in teacher, technical and vocational education for empowerment. Our unique approach positions us to be leaders towards the enriching of the human capital of Zimbabwe. Our campus in Gwanda serves as a centre of excellence where our highly skilled faculty is working very hard and successfully empowering many students in this profession. We hope that you enjoy browsing this site and please feel free to contact us should you have any queries. read more...

Our Uniqueness


  • Two in one nature – We are the only Polytechnic with a dual system that houses both teacher and technical education.
  • Flagship of the 2-5-2 ZINTEC model — We pioneered the development of this teacher training model which has since been adopted nationally by all primary teachers’ colleges.
  • Centre of excellence in module writing— Being the pioneer of this teacher training model, the module approach which is central to the five terms of Teaching Practice period in the 2-5-2 ZINTEC model was also initiated here at Big Josh. .
  • Animal Production – We are the only Polytechnic offering this course through a vibrant department as evidenced by numerous First Prizes fetched by different types of animals exhibited at the Gwanda Agricultural Show for a number of years.
  • Integrated Skills Outreach Programme (ISOP) - In addition to the ISOP programme we are the only Polytechnic which provides necessary skills training to selected disadvantaged orphans drawn from various communities throughout Zimbabwe for various course in partnership with Red Cross Gwanda. This amply demonstrates our unique drive towards Public Private Partnership (PPP).
  • Community Service Programme—We do community service projects where we train Peer Educators for HIV/Aids programme. We are also involved in cleaning campaigns in collaboration with Gwanda.municipality as part of our contribution to a clean environment.
  • Viable Small Business Units— We boast of viable departments whose projects are an envy of the community. These include artifacts from Art, Carpentry, Fashion Design, Hospitality and Tourism, Animal Production.